WSOP Day 47: Espen Jorstad wins the 2022 Main Event for $10,000,000

Espen Jorstad

Norwegian Espen Jorstad won the 2022 World Series of Poker Main Event for $10,000,000 after an exciting exhibition on the last day at Paris & Bally’s, Las Vegas. He defeated the Australian Adrian Attenborough heads-up to dominate a field of 8,663 players, the second largest in WSOP history.

Attenborough expected to settle for $6,000,000 as he finishes third Michael Duek brings home $4,000,000.

Jorstad becomes the first Norwegian to win the WSOP Main Event, outperforming fellow countryman Felix Stephensen who finished second in 2014, overtaking Stephensen at the top of Norway’s all-time earning list.

2022 WSOP Main Event Final Table Results

Square Winner Country Price (in USD)
1 Espen Jorstad Norway $10,000,000
2 Adrian Attenborough Australia $6,000,000
3 Michael Duek Argentina $4,000,000
4 John Eames UK $3,000,000
5 Matija Dobric Croatia $2,250,000
6 Jeffrey Farnes United States $1,750,000
seven Aaron Duczak Canada $1,350,000
8 Philippe Souki UK $1,075,000
9 Matthew Su United States $850,675
ten Asher Conniff United States $675,000

Winner’s reaction

The first thing Jorstad did after winning? Call his mother.

“She was crying and struggling to speak. She’s my biggest fan, so it was quite emotional,” Jorstad told a crowd of reporters. “It feels really good.”

Jorstad said on Day 6 he told potential one-on-one opponent Attenborough that the Aussie was the only player he didn’t want to go one-on-one against.

“But I did it,” Jorstad said. “I just had better cards than him today.”

The $10,000,000 question is, what is Jorstad going to do now?

“My goal has been to get to the High Roller scene and play more $25,000 tournaments and stuff like that. I dipped my toes in, but now I have a bigger bankroll to take a few hits in those tournaments. I have to get into the lab and make sure I’m good enough to play them.

“And make very wise investments — cryptocurrencies and tech stocks, probably.”

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Tomasz Gluszko leads Event #84: $3,000 HORSE Final Three

Tomasz Gluszko

Event #84: $3,000 HORSE will need a fourth day, with three players remaining after Saturday’s 10 hours of play.

Poland Tomasz Gluszko will take 5,320,000 chips and take the lead on Day 4, with Roberto Marine (4,465,000), and Laurent Brandt (3,300,000) not far behind.

Sunday’s winner will take home $205,139 and the final mixed bracelet in the 53rd World Series of Poker.

Final Table Payouts

1 To be determined $205,139
2 To be determined $126,895
3 To be determined $87,687
4 Richard Tatalovitch United States $61,789
5 Kevin Gerhart United States $44,415
6 Kristan Lord United States $32,583
seven Perry Friedman United States $24,403
8 Yaron Bendor United States $18,669

Summary of the day

It didn’t take long for the field to begin to clear, with Mauricio Ferreira País the first released, quickly followed by several others including Jean Racer in 20th place ($6,835), Andre Brown in 18th ($6,835) and a double Razz elimination at the last two tables thanks to Brandt.

Lena Wangtitle quest ended in 14th place, as did Andre Akkariis in 11th place ($11,664). Shortly after, Greg Mascio was sent home in 10th place ($11,664) to set up the unofficial final table.

After starting Day 3 as a chip lead, david bachThe surprising crash of ended his day in 9th place, as Gluszko left the “gunslinger” short, and he was then finished off shortly after by Kevin Gerhart.

Eliminations would slow down considerably from there, with another bust not coming until after dinner break with the elimination of Yaron Bendor in 8th ($18,669), which fell nastily to the running jacks in sixth and seventh against Brandt.

Following this however, Perry Friedman (7th – $24,403), Kristan Lord (6th – $32,583) and Gerhart (5th – $44,415) would be eliminated in quick succession, leaving just four players.

After a brief unscheduled break to discuss how to proceed due to rumors of an active shooter situation on the Las Vegas Strip, which caused panic at various casinos including Bally’s and Paris, play continued and Richard Tatalovitch would be the final elimination of the day in 4th place ($61,789).

The final three players would then trade chips until the day was called at the end of level 30, with Gluszko in the lead.

They will come back to Bally Events Center at 2 p.m. local time to play against a winner. The action will begin with level 31 and the first hand of a round of Razz.

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Fred “staeks” Li wins [Online] $777 Lucky 7’s No-Limit Hold’em Second Chance for $159,060

Fred Li

The eleventh in line WSOP Wristband event of the World Series of Poker 2022 ended on WSOP.com with Fred “staeks” Li come out on top, win WSOP Gold Bracelet and $159,060.

Li outlasted 781 opponents (including re-entries) which generated a prize pool of $854,700. Among the notable players who won money were bracelet winners Dominick “flow_cold” Sarle, Jason “TheBigGift” Goochand none other than the high-stakes crusher and four-time bracelet winner David “dpeters17” Peters.

After 11 hours of play and a heads-up of about 30 minutes between Li and Zach “zoks7” Okin all the chips went in when Li held an ace-ten against Okin’s pair of eights. The flop was safe for Okin, but Li took the initiative when the ten hit the turn. The bricked river for Okin and Li was victorious.

Final hand

[Online] Lucky 7’s No-Limit Hold’em $777 Second Chance Final Table Results

Square Player Country Price
1st Fred “staeks” Li United States $159,059
2nd Zach “zoks7” Okin United States $98,290
3rd Michael “Mike916” Guzzardi United States $69,572
4th Bobby “Ericartmenez” Oboodi United States $49,914
5th Ryan “doyouliftbro” Jones United States $36,239
6th Dominick “flow_cold” Sarle United States $26,666
7th Michael “LatinoLoco” Acevedo United States $19,914
8th Daniel “IGetLost” Dizenzo United States $15,042

Final table

Daniel “IGetLost” Dizenzo was the first out of the official eight-handed final table when he ran ace-queen very short into Okin’s big blind with nine-five that made a pair to eliminate Dizenzo. A few hands later Michael “LatinoLoco” Acevedo found a pocket five but met Okin’s big stack with jacks and couldn’t improve, sending him down the rail in 7th place.

Next to go was the bracelet winner Dominick “flow_cold” Sarle who ran ace-five in Li’s queens and couldn’t find an ace, sending him to 6th place. 5th place was Ryan “doyouliftbro” Joneswho was all-in with tens but ended up in a cooler when Li picked up kings.

Bobby “Ericartmenez” Oboodi was all-in with pocket sixes but again encountered a monster when Okin picked up pocket jacks and sent them in 4th. Michael “Mike916” Guzzardi was involved in one of the tournament’s biggest coolers when he picked up jacks preflop and pushed all in against his opponents’ kings and queens, moving him into 3rd place.

The heads-up started with Li having an almost 4-1 lead over Okin, but a few pots went Okin’s way, and they even went dead. Li fought back to win crucial pots and regain the chip lead, and in the final hand, the ace-ten scored a pair to knock out Okin’s eight in 2nd place and win the tournament.

End of the day game in three events

As mentioned above, rumors of an active shooter situation on the Las Vegas Strip spread to Bally’s and Paris and meant play was halted for an hour during Event #85: $1,500 The Closer, Event #86: $10,000 6-Handed No-Limit Hold ’em Championship and Event #87: $5,000 8-Handed No-Limit Hold’em.

Players were able to safely return to their tables and pocket their chips for the day. All three events will resume at noon on Sunday, July 17.