Three more XL Spring Series champions as $120,000 tune-up reaches final table

888poker XL Series

888poker crowned three more XL Spring Series champions over the weekend in addition to a trio of side-event winners. These six players are getting their hands on big payouts while the $120,000 guaranteed tune-up the event reached the official nine-man final table.

Aragorn92 and Dobfen Chip $25,000 DeepStack

The XL Spring Series #14 The event was a guaranteed $25,000 affair with a $55 buy-in that attracted 495 players. The top 72 finalists won part of the $25,000 prize pool, with the tournament ending in a head-to-head between the Germans “Aragorn72” and “Dobfen” from Canada.

Players who made it into the top five saw their $55 investment grow into four-figure results. from the United Kingdom “ybird1721” was the first of this quintet to earn more than a grand, $1,292 to be exact.

austrian grinder “Serrantino” was the third-place finisher; they raised $2,402 for their efforts. The Austrian’s demise left Aragorn72 and Dobfen one-on-one, and the last pair standing decided to strike a deal that closed the event. Dobfen officially finished in second place for $3,644 while the champion, Aragorn72, took home $4,243.

XL Spring #14 – $25,000 DeepStack Final Table Results

Square Player Country Price
1 Aragorn92 Germany $4,243*
2 Dobfen Canada $3,644*
3 tighterinho Austria $2,402
4 Nzol888 Ukraine $1,755
5 ybird1721 UK $1,292
6 cherry wine Pakistan $950
seven paved717171 Belarus $702
8 marcelot2015 Uruguay $522
9 hahaha Montenegro $390

* Reflects heads-up agreement

Ryguy12345 wins with Josh Manley third

888poker's new streamer, Josh Manley, in the Main
888poker streamer Josh Manley finished third

888poker ambassador Josh “Josh_Manley” Manley almost became an XL Spring Series champion in the XL Spring #15 – $12,000 Mini DeepStack event but ultimately had to settle for a third-place finish worth $1,089.

Manley’s award was the event’s first four-digit award, and his release is gone “Sultanhcik” in a head-to-head battle with Canada “ryguy12345,” who was also at the final table of the $10,000 Late Deepstack tournament. A brief but intense battle ended with ryguy12345 winning and the top prize of $2,038 tucked away in his 888poker account.

XL Spring #15 – $12,000 Mini DeepStack Final Table Results

Square Player Country Price
1 ryguy12345 Canada $2,038
2 sultanhcik Ukraine $1,485
3 Josh “Josh_Manley” Manley UK $1,089
4 big_tones20 Canada $801
5 MOLOT Ukraine $592
6 frumentum Austria $439
seven freakyfish99 Ireland $326
8 ARMYNIN Armenia $243
9 dozent44 Germany $184

EvilJens 2.0 leaves 316 opponents in its wake

germany “EvilJens 2.0” won the $33 buy-in $10,000 late DeepStack tournament and had $2,027 in prize money stolen from their account. The defeated champion “joelsonfa” of Brazil heads-up, stepping down as the Samba star for a consolation prize of $1,465.

Thailand “notimur” took third place for $1,065, the tournament’s only other four-figure prize.

Shout out to ryguy12345 who finished seventh after winning the $12,000 Mini DeepStack and Dobfen who finished eighth here after winning the $25,000 DeepStack tournament.

XL Spring #16 – $10,000 Late DeepStack Final Table Results

Square Player Country Price
1 EvilJens2.0 Germany $2,027
2 joelsonfa Brazil $1,465
3 notimur Thailand $1,065
4 papa_af Ukraine $771
5 LUISRGL Brazil $559
6 Michael “RipCheader” Rosaman UK $408
seven ryguy12345 Canada $298
8 Dobfen Canada $219
9 Not bad Montenegro $161

XL Spring Series Side Event Results

ian simpson
888poker’s Ian Simpson finished second in the $40K Gtd side event

Sunday, May 29 saw a trip of Triple Threat PKO side events take place. The biggest came with a $55 buy-in and a guaranteed prize pool of $40,000. It attracted 1,004 players who created a prize pool of $50,200.

“_zarkou_” from Finland was the last player standing. Their first place finish came with $6,588 in prize money including bonuses. New addition to the list of 888poker ambassadors, Ian “Simpioni” Simpsonfinished second for an addition of $3,750 to his bankroll.

Event Membership Attendees Jackpot Champion Price
Spring XL – $15,000 PKO Triple Threat 11 $11 1,838 $18,380 pokhoc $1,972*
Spring XL – $20,000 PKO Triple Threat 22 $22 1,257 $25,140 Elephantnhaus $2,891*
Spring XL – $40,000 PKO Triple Threat 55 $55 1,004 $50,200 _zarkou_ $6,588*

XL Spring Series Events May 30

Three more XL Spring Series events will take place on May 30, each being played on eighth-a-side tables.

The kickoff is also the final table of the XL Spring #17 – $120,000 tune-up, where $18,576 awaits the eventual champion. You can tune in to the Final Table Tune Up action from 8:00 p.m. on the official 888poker Twitch channel.

Time (BST) Event Membership
7:00 p.m. XL Spring #18 – $25,000 8-Max $88
20:00 XL Spring #19 – $15,000 Mini 8-Max $44
9:00 p.m. XL Spring #20 – $10,000 End 8-Max $22