Scott Seiver and Phil Hellmuth will play for $1.6 million on High Stakes Duel

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Three weeks after losing to Phil Hellmuth on High Stakes Duel III, Scott Seiver informed his opponent that he is not throwing in the towel and will challenge the “Young Poker” to a rematch in August with the pot overturned at $1.6 million.

The exact date has yet to be determined, but according to Hellmuth’s tweet on Monday night, players and PokerGO are figuring this part out.

Anyone who followed Seiver’s dedication to poker last weekend – he fired 43 balls in the WSOP $1,000 FLIP & GO – shouldn’t be surprised he demanded a rematch against the 16-time bracelet winner.

How we got here

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In round 4 in May, Seiver replaced Tom Dwanwas unable to travel to Las Vegas in time for the $800,000 round. Dwan had defeated Hellmuth in Round 2, but then lost the rematch in Round 3.

According to the show’s rules, the losing player must contribute enough money to double the prize pool from the previous round for a rematch to occur. No player can cash before three consecutive victories, or there are no more willing opponents.

The game always starts with a buy-in of $50,000 per player, potentially doubling each round up to $12.8 million. Nick Wright, a popular personality from sports talk show host FS1, was Hellmuth’s first opponent in the first round of the current series of games on High Stakes Duel. He lost a fierce battle and refused to catch up.

This left the door open for another player, who ended up being Dwan and then eventually Seiver, who had to pay $400,000 to get into the game. He will now have to pay another $800,000 to create what will be one the biggest one-on-one poker battles you’ll ever see on TV.

If Hellmuth won in Round 5, PokerGO would allow him to take the money and run away. So far, he’s won $250,000 out of what will soon be a $1.6 million pot. If Seiver wins, Hellmuth will have the option of paying $1.6 million to call a rematch in Round 6, or the seat will be open for another opponent.

Ahead of the May match, many were saying Seiver was the toughest challenger yet on High stakes duel for the 1989 World Champion. In total, Hellmuth faced five different players, all with contrasting styles of play, on the show, which first aired on PokerGO in 2020. Hellmuth is an unthinkable 9-1 in 10 total matches, all of which were played using a sit n’go style format.

In the first High Stakes Duel, he eliminated Antonio Esfandiari in three consecutive matches, then did the same for Daniel Negreanu on High Stakes Duel II. In the current series of matches, he beat Wright in round 1, lost to Dwan in round 2, beat Dwan in round 3, then beat Seiver in round 4.

Mixed bag at the 2022 World Series of Poker

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Two weeks after losing to the “Poker Brat”, Seiver won his fourth bracelet by winning the WSOP Event #3: $2,500 Freezeout No-Limit Hold’em for $320,059. He also, as mentioned, lost 43 consecutive $1,000 balls in the fancy FLIP & GO event.

As for Hellmuth, his series is off to a rocky start due to health issues. He missed the first two days of the series due to a combat with “traveller’s diarrhea”. A few days later, he was sidelined again after testing positive for COVID-19.

Both poker stars will go on to win another World Series of Poker bracelet. Shortly after the streak ended, it was like Donkey Kong at the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas that these two legends met, mano a mano, for a seven-figure pot.

*Images courtesy of PokerGO.