Runnersx2 Wins Biggest Prize in Battle of Malta Online

GGPoker Battle of Malta Online

There are only five star events left on the program of the Battle of Malta Online at GGPokerincluding the huge €2,500,000 guaranteed Main Event. “Runnersx2” is a player who is likely to buy into the Main Event Battle of Malta online at €555 after scooping the festival’s biggest prize to date.

“Runnersx2” was the last player standing in Event #11: €550 Grand Harbor Superstack and GGPoker rewarded them with an impressive €105,113, the highest score yet. The tournament attracted 1,428 players who created a prize pool of €746,130 which the top 206 split. A min cashed weighed in at €952, but the least any of the nine finalists won was €10,566.

Israel’s “Mooshtako” was the player who received the first payment from the final table. Gabriel “gtavares10” Costa and “MegaLowBoy” joined the Israeli on the sidelines with prices of €14,090 and €18,790, respectively.

Sixth place and €25,057 went to Daniel “Tournament” Petersenbefore Santiago “La Papualda” Varela ran out of steam and had to settle for fifth place for €33,414.

Salary jumps continued to rise, with Brazilian sensation Brunno Botteon getting his hands on €44,559 when he blew himself up in fourth. Heads-up was set when the Estonian grinder Karl’s Mets “HotBoy19” bowed out and raised €59,421.

“Runnersx2” and Shiao “Mr_3rdBullet” Zhang faced off in the head-to-head section of the Grand Harbor Superstack. Zhang may want to consider changing his alias to “Mr_5thBullet” as that is the number he drew in this event. Either way, Zhang fell at the last hurdle and saw that €550 fifth ball turn into €79,239, leaving ‘Runnersx2’ to claim the title and an impressive €105,113.

#11: €550 Grand Harbor Superstack

Square Player Country Price
1 Runnersx2 Vietnam €105,113
2 Sihao “Mr_3rdBullet” Zhang Luxemburg €79,239
3 Karl’s Mets “HotBoy19” Estonia €59,421
4 Brunno Botteon Brazil €44,559
5 Santiago “La Papualda” Varela Uruguay €33,414
6 Daniel “Tourmination” Petersen Austria €25,057
seven MegaLowBoy Malta €18,790
8 Gabriel “gtavares10” Costa Brazil €14,090
9 Mooshtako Israel €10,566

Recent Results of the Battle of Malta Online

‘Runnersx2’ wasn’t the only GGPoker player to win big in the recent Battle of Malta Online featured event series, as Kapser Klezys availed himself of a prize of €81,977 after outlasting more than 13,000 opponents in the Malta Bounty Headquarters MILLION$.

Event Membership Attendees Jackpot Champion Price
#10: Three Cities Challenge 330 € 494 €151,608 In-it2minit €27,165
#11: Grand Harbor Superpile 550 € 1,428 €746,130 Runnersx2 €105,113
#12: Malta Bounty MILLION$ Siege 105 € 13,534 €1,353,400 Kasper Klezys €81,977
#13: 6-Max Gladiator 330 € 778 €238,768 Joao “Fresh meat!” gaspar €37,314

Battle of Malta Online Featured Events Schedule

Only five Battle of Malta Online featured events are to crown their champions, and one of them will on July 28. A large crowd is expected in #14 Bounty for the Kinga $525 buy-in PKO event with €300,000 guaranteed.

Two of the remaining five events have seven-figure guarantees on their prize pools. Event #16 GGMasters Royal Championship has €1,000,000 guaranteed for a €1,050 buy-in, while the €555 Main Event, which has a cool €2,500,000 guaranteed prize pool, sleeves from the Battle of Malta Online series. The Main Event Day 1 is currently taking place and will continue until July 31 inclusive.

Date Time Event Membership Guarantee
Thu 28 Jul 6:00 p.m. #14 Bounty for the King 525 € €300,000
Sat 30 Jul 6:00 p.m. #15 Saint Julian’s Bounty Feast 105 € €125,000
Sun 31 Jul 5:00 p.m. #16 GGMasters Royal Championship €1,050 €1,000,000
6:00 p.m. #17 Omaholic Crusaders Bounty Quest 210 € €100,000
8:30 p.m. #18 Main Event, €2.5M GTD [Final Day] 555 € €2,500,000