Las Vegas gambling site Dotty opposes parents and school leaders

Posted on: May 15, 2022, 8:25 a.m.

Last update: May 15, 2022, 8:25 a.m.

Several hundred people oppose the opening of another Dotty’s gambling hall in Las Vegas. Critics do not want potential crime from the gambling operation in the neighborhood in which several schools are located. It’s particularly concerning after a nearby Dotty’s was the scene of a murder and robbery last week.

Candil Hall Academy
Candil Hall Academy, a private school in Las Vegas, pictured above. The school is one of several schools in a neighborhood where a Dotty’s casino wants to open. (Image: Candil Hall Academy)

Nearly 600 people have already signed a petition against the opening of the new games room, KLASa local television station, said.

Nevertheless, on Tuesday, the Las Vegas Planning Commission gave the go-ahead for Dotty’s new location on North Rainbow Boulevard, KLAS added. The commissioners, by a 4-3 vote, narrowly overturned a local by-law that requires gambling properties to be no closer than 1,500 feet to a school or daycare center.

Dotty’s, which is in several states, wants to open the 3,900-square-foot operation on North Rainbow Boulevard near Route 95. It would be about 440 feet from at least one school, according to school board documents. planning.

The school, Dawn Of Education Preschool, is opposite the location. In addition, close to the proposed location are Ernest May Primary School, a public school, and Candil Hall Academy, a private preschool and primary school.

Opponents speak out

The proposed gambling operation is disputed by several school principals.

We don’t want it here, the community doesn’t want it here, the business owners don’t want it here, the bosses of these businesses don’t want it there, so why are they allowed to break the law ? Stephanie Ryne, owner of Dawn Of Education Preschool, was quoted by KLAS.

Her school offers child care and other programs for students ranging in age from toddler to five. Other school programs offer offers for older students during holiday periods.

Students meet in eight classrooms in the 10,000 square foot school building. Or they congregate in a large playground outside the school.

Dawn of Education also prides itself on providing children with “a safe, loving and nurturing environment,” the school said on its website.

Several parents are also opposed to the opening of the playroom.

School systems are now already dangerous,” Maggie Bray, a parent, was quoted by KLAS. “Why would you make a change or make a decision that brings crime into a school?”

Dotty owner and founder Craig Estey could not be reached for immediate comment.

The suspect remains at large

A few days ago, a location near Dotty in Spring Valley was the scene of a robbery and murder.

This weekend, the Las Vegas Metro Police continue to search for the suspect who stole the wallet of a Dotty’s Gaming & Spirits player on Wednesday.

A manager, who was described as short, came out to confront the thief. She was hit by a motorist and later died.

The SUV fled the crime scene. It was described as a stolen black 2012 Mercedes GL5, KSNVa local television station, reported.

The manager was later identified as Alicia Gibellina, 60, KSNV mentioned.

In recent days, customers like Joshua Cruz have continued to lay flowers and candles in the parking lot outside Dotty’s to honor his memory.

She kind of reminded me of my mom in a lot of ways,” Cruz said. KTNV, another local TV channel, shortly after laying a bouquet of flowers in the parking lot. “She’s a heroine.”

Last week, her husband, Miguel, in an interview with KLAS remembered her as “a woman who followed the rules and did what was right”.

A GoFundMe A page has been created for Gibellina’s family to help with expenses. By Sunday, he had raised $5,460. The goal is $10,000.