Indiana Slot Winner Reportedly Asked Someone To Collect His Payout

Posted: May 12, 2022, 7:27 a.m.

Last update: May 12, 2022, 7:27 a.m.

An Indiana man was arrested this week after he allegedly asked someone else to collect his slot machine jackpot at Blue Chip Casino. He wanted to avoid the money going towards child support, authorities said.

Billy J. Butler
Billy J. Butler in a mug shot, pictured above. He would have asked another person to collect his jackpot in an Indiana casino. He wanted to prevent the money from being used to pay child support. (Photo: Mishawaka Police)

The defendant, Billy J. Butler, first won an unspecified amount of money playing a table game in Michigan City, Indiana on April 20. But he owed about $48,000 in child support, so the earnings went to his debt, WBNDan Indiana television station, reported.

Later that same day, his luck continued. He won $1,340 on one of the casino’s 1,900 slot machines. Rather than trying to collect the money on his own and also have it redirected to pay child support, Butler allegedly asked a woman on the gambling site to collect the money, WBND mentioned.

An Indiana Gaming Commission police officer was alerted to the change. The police officer then questioned the woman.

ignorant woman

She told the officer she didn’t know what she was doing was a crime. She explained that Butler promised to pay her $200 to hit the jackpot.

Later that day, Butler confessed to the officer that he asked the woman to hit the jackpot. He didn’t want the money from the slot machine also going towards child support, he explained to the officer.

Police also reviewed the casino’s surveillance video. It showed Butler was the winner.

Late last month, Butler was charged with gambling cheating, WBND mentioned. On Tuesday, he was arrested by Mishawaka police on a warrant for this crime. He was also arrested for illegal possession of a firearm by a violent criminal and possession of cocaine, WBND mentioned.

It is not known if the woman was ever charged.

Blue Chip Casino is owned by Boyd Gaming. The venue is located approximately 59 miles east of Chicago.

Previous incident

The incident at the Blue Chip Casino isn’t the only time a winner has tried to avoid having the money go to child support.

In 2020, a Gary, Indiana police officer allegedly tried to get someone else to claim his slot machine win because he was behind on child support.

The Northwest Indiana Era, a local newspaper, reported Sgt. Charles Lucas was charged with gambling cheating. While in East Chicago at Indiana’s Ameristar casino, he won $1,358 on a slot machine.

The amount did not go to Lucas. Some was deducted to pay taxes and the rest went for child support, authorities said.

But Lucas disputed winning the money. He claimed that another player had hit the jackpot.

In addition, an arrest warrant in the case was “recalled” after a defense motion was filed, the Time reported. It is unclear how the case was ultimately resolved.

During a street check, Ameristar Casino employees discovered that Lucas was behind on child support by $6,676, the Time reported. Casino security also said surveillance video showed Lucas had won.