Hawkins says “I’ll pay him when I can” after Backer calls him…Again!

Maurice Hawkin

Three years ago, Randy Garcia called poker pro Maurice Hawkin, the all-time winner of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) circuit, for failing to honor a support agreement. At the time, a final judgment was rendered by the Circuit Court of the 15th Judicial Circuit in and for Palm Beach County, Florida. Case No. 502019CA000052XXXXMB awarded Garcia a judgment of $115,828.

When first reported, Garcia said, “My lawsuit against Maurice Hawkins is currently being resolved out of court.”

That no longer appears to be the case as Garcia called out Hawkins again for failing to keep their deal, despite the 14-time ring winner, who the Hendon Mob says has nearly $4.4 million in earnings. career, having recently dominated a field of 194 participants to win the 2022 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown Event #8: $400 Black Chip Bounty for $7,895 in March.

According to Garcia, he was only paid back about $10,000 in four years.

“I’ll pay for it when I can,” Hawkins said. PokerNews regarding the last charge. He also claimed the refund was closer to $35,000 (he provided PokerNews with receipts showing approximately $20,000 in payments). “I have more things to fear in life than the perception others have of me.”

Garcia is fed up

Garcia recently spoke with PokerNews of the situation, which has now lasted for more than half a decade.

“He probably paid me back about $10,000 or over four years while taking in well over a million,” he said. “We accept the payment plans, then we pay for the first month or two, then come the excuses and we can’t pay anymore.”

“I don’t wish ill will on anyone because I know he has a family and kids, but so do I. In the end, we had a deal and he screwed me up.”

He added: “When it comes to paying me back, he has no respect for me and my family. He couldn’t even make the effort to pay me back even $100 a month in sign of good faith and show some kind of effort but he still continues to buy tournament after tournament I was there for him personally and professionally when he needed me but he decided to fuck me again and again and so that’s enough. I don’t wish ill will on anyone because I know he has a family and kids, but so do I. In the end, we had a deal and he screwed me up.

“Maurice has fucked so many people. He tries to act tough at the table by constantly gossiping and degrading people like he’s the best poker player there is. It doesn’t matter if he has 14 rings if he’s broke. I think the poker community should kick Maurice out because he is a jerk to everyone and has lied and fucked so many people. I supported other players without any problem because they have integrity and high character. Maurice has neither. So he can keep hitting the homerun and act like he’s the best and degrade people. Things will catch up with him sooner or later, if the court doesn’t get it first.

Maurice Hawkin
Maurice Hawkins won an event in South Florida in March.

Forbearance gone wrong

According to court documents provided to PokerNews, Garcia and Hawkins reached a forbearance agreement on July 24, 2019, for the latter to pay $2,000 per month plus 15% of gross earnings under a repayment plan. There was also a buyout option for Hawkins to pay 72.5% of any remaining balance. It appears that Hawkins made several payouts from tournament winnings through mid-2019.

On August 23, 2019, Hawkins finished second in the $1,700 WSOP Foxwoods Circuit Main Event for $88,557, of which 15% amounted to $13,028.55. Four days later, Garcia’s lawyer Joel B. Blumberg, Esq. contacted Hawkins via email, which was provided to PokerNews.

“My previous arrangement is not feasible with my income and business arrangement.”

“[We] will seek payment of $13,028.55 within 7 days. You may want to take this opportunity to make a double payment which will significantly reduce your total obligation. If at least the agreed payment is not received, my client will treat you as the forbearance agreement and will no longer be bound by any confidentiality restrictions.

Hawkins pointed out that he shot twice in the tournament, so a more accurate amount was $12,774. Despite this, on September 1, he sent the following:

“I am emailing you to let you know that. My previous arrangement is not feasible with my income and business arrangement. What is feasible is 2500 per month to be paid on the 1st or every month, only Talk to your client and write the same agreement, with the same language before Just enter that you need to be paid 2500 per month I will pay the 2500 this month and every month after Include the ability to prepay with the discount. If this offer is not paid before would take about 3 years. This is not a negotiation or a scheme. To be clear, I try to pay you what I can.

Five days later, Blumberg replied:

I spoke with my client. Obviously, it’s apoplectic that you keep making, and then breaking, your commitments. You first had an agreement to pay half of your income and you did not follow through. You then came up with a payment plan and didn’t follow through. We negotiated a post-judgment settlement and you won over $200,000, but paid next to nothing. Now you want to go back to paying a small monthly amount without interest. I can only assume that other creditors have threatened your life if you don’t pay them first.

So here is what my client is willing to do:

1. You can pay $10,000 immediately, then pay $2,500.00 per month. Both payments are due now.
2. Or you can pay $3,000 per month, with the first payment due now.

Let me know today, or I’ve been instructed to move forward with the lawsuit. Please understand that Mr. Garcia is now released from the confidentiality provisions of the Agreement due to your violations.

The two sides continued to negotiate and appeared to reach an agreement. Then, on September 13, Blumberg offered Hawkins an alternative.

“Due to a medical emergency in his family, Randy Garcia has informed me that he is prepared to accept $60,000.00 in full settlement of your judgment. This would save you approximately $55,000.00, approximately Settlement funds must be paid immediately given the situation.Mr. Garcia has explicitly stated that he will not accept any counter-offer.

“If I win something next week, I’ll keep that in mind,” Hawkins replied. Ultimately, he didn’t accept Garcia’s buyout offer.

Read about the original judgment against Hawkins here.

No love lost between the two

Email correspondence provided to PokerNews shows that Garcia and Hawkins negotiated different repayment plans, with the former sometimes offering a 75% discount to pay off the debt if Hawkins could make a one-time lump sum payment. Although Hawkins started it was his intention and goal, it never materialized.

Most recently, on March 21, 2022, Garcia sent the following email to Hawkins:

“You don’t even have the respect to contact me and let me know. You don’t even have the respect to send me $100 a month or show good faith. You have no respect for me and my family. It’s been almost 4 years and you’re kidding me. I will proceed with the execution of my judgment against you and I will make sure to let the poker community know. I got it. you can find the money to keep playing tournaments and travel but you can’t pay me even a cent. You will hear from my lawyer and mark my words on this, I will take all necessary steps to pursue the judgment. You are not the badass you describe and I’ll be sure everyone knows that. You disrespected me for the last time. See you in court!!!”

Hawkins responded in part: “Stop with your condescending ass email. I go through shit like everyone else. My intention has always been to pay you.

A day later, Hawkins added: “Oh by the way. So you can be very clear. You’re a piece of shit. No matter how you try to destroy me. It won’t work. So in the words immortal. F*** YOU.

Hawkins responds – “I’ll pay it when I can”

Maurice Hawkin
Maurice Hawkin

“I paid for it as I earned and even when I really couldn’t afford it,” Hawkins said when joined by PokerNews. “The fact that you write articles and don’t really care what it does to my lifestyle as a whole is really sad. Trying to succeed as a poker player and have a family is hard enough. So my comment is that I am greater than anything you could write to destroy me.

He added: “Maurice pays his ass off when he can. Write the article about a businessman who owns million dollar restaurants trying to end betting abilities and the future of a poker player… At the end of the day, he can go home with his steady income while [you try] end my career.

According to the Hendon Mob, Hawkins took in $549,003 in 2019. In 2020, when the pandemic began, he had $66,615 in cash, while in 2021 he jumped to $191,841. So far in 2022, Hawkins has $85,419 in tournament winnings.

“And remember there was COVID in between,” Hawkins pointed out. “His ass is a brat and he wants to be the victim. Ask him if he broke the contract between us. Like he said he would do one thing but then said his finances changed… No one talks about how funders deal with real people and real lives when they choose to just walk away from agreements. Write an article that doesn’t just slander, but actually tells the real side.

Garcia has indicated that he will seek to continue post-judgment collection against Hawkins through legal means. PokerNews will continue to monitor the situation and offer updates as they arise.

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