Fourth time a charm for Watson at €50,000 EPT Barcelona High Roller

mike watson

Try and try again. Or, if you are mike watsontry four times and you risk becoming the High Roller of €50,000 in one day champion at PokerStars and Barcelona©Casino European Poker Tour and €872,940 richer.

Watson didn’t have a promising start to this tournament. He was knocked out minutes into the day and had to redeem. Then he was knocked out twice more and forced back to the recording cage. He ended up buying in four installments for a total of €200,000.

“Just pure stubbornness, I guess, more than anything else,” Watson said after his win. “It was a good tournament. I had a little break after the third. I ran a great race during the dinner break. I got ready to go, in a good headspace. Obviously it ended per pay.Run much better on the fourth than on the first three.

Watson’s journey through this tournament began with a first-tier knockout and ended with a straight flush to beat. Kahle Burns heads-up and win the trophy and first prize. The veteran Canadian professional already had more than $15 million in live earnings, but his year had been marred by misfires. Already in 2022, he has finished in the top four of an event six times, but had not yet won before today.

“It feels really good to win. I’ve had a lot of close calls this year, but I haven’t had many where I actually closed the deal. So it feels really good to win some one,” he said.

Single Day €50,000 High Roller Final Table Results

Square Player Country Price
1 mike watson Canada €872,940
2 Kahle Burns Australia €572,420
3 Arthur Conan France €415,000
4 David Yan New Zealand €314,830
5 Pascal Lefrancois Canada €243,280
6 Alexeys Ponakovs Latvia €186,040
seven Michael Soyza Indonesia €143,100
8 Michael Addamo Australia €114,480

Event summary

Stephen Chidwick
Stephen Chidwick was the unfortunate soul who burst the financial bubble.

The event kicked off with 59 entries, including 39 unique players, generating a total prize pool of €2,862,090. Along the way, people like Adrian Mateos, Patrick Antoine, Dan Smithand David Peters would all be short of the final table.

Stephen Chidwick was eliminated at the final table and bubbled in money when forced to move all in after posting the big blind. Michael AddamoAustralian poker superstar, was knocked out in eighth place when he went all-in with his short stack with four aces, but couldn’t outrun the ace-king of David Yan.

Yan also released Michael Soyza in seventh place, winning a corner flip with a pair of fives against an ace-ten. Alexeys Ponakovs, the former tournament chip leader, was next to fall when he called Burns’ all-in for his last 710,000 with pocket tens against ace-queens. An ace on the flop was a disaster for Ponakovs who finished in sixth place.

Watson doubled against Yan with an ace-five against king-queen, ending with a straight on the river, to break the 1,000,000 chip mark. Canadian companion Pascal Lefrancois fell to fifth place after losing with king-queen to Burns’ ace-king as Burns began to take control of the final table.

Kahle Burns
Kahle Burns finally had to settle for second place

Burns knocked out Yan with a pair of fours, flopping Yan’s ace-eight with the king-four, and was also knocked out. Arthur Conan to intensify the heads-up. After losing a big pot to Watson, Conan was forced to call his last 230,000 with nine twos against ten aces and flopped a nine, but Burns hit an ace on the turn to knock out the Frenchman and take a decisive lead opposite. – with 3,725,000 against 2,175,000 for Watson.

It wasn’t long before the two opponents switched roles. Watson shoved on the turn for 1,950,000, and Burns called with pocket jacks, but Watson had two pair of eights and sevens to double up and take a big chip lead. The tournament finally ended after 4 p.m. when Burns bet 100,000 on a board of nine queens six with two spades, Watson raised to 300,000, Burns shoved for 900,000 and Watson called with then eight with one spade. . Burns had pocket queens and remained ahead on the turn of the ten of spades, but Watson improved to a straight flush on the river seven of spades.

“It’s a fun way to win, with a straight flush,” Watson said.

Watson won’t have long to rest after his hard day. He plans to compete in the €100,000 High Roller on August 14 and aim for another title.

That concludes PokerNewsHigh Roller coverage of €50,000 in one day. Stay tuned throughout EPT Barcelona for all Casino Barcelona tournament updates.

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