ClubGG is offering $18,000 in WSOP bubble protection for $49.99

ClubGG Bubble Guard

Imagine how drained you would be if you bought into the 2022 World Series of Poker Main Event and you’ve fought your way through several days of action only to crash into the money bubble and have to return empty-handed. Now imagine how thrilled you would be if that happened, but the folks at ClubGG gave you back your $10,000 buy-in.

ClubGG’s incredible WSOP Bubble Protection promotion continues with four more events eligible to have their Bubble Protection. Dozens of players have been protected in Housewarmingthe stack of monstersthe millionaire makerand the Colossus after signing up for a ClubGG subscription for $49.99 per month.

There are many reasons to subscribe to a subscription on ClubGGincluding the chance to win your place in live events around the world, including the 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main event. But perhaps best of all, being a ClubGG subscriber protects your bubble for the events featured below, which kick off over the weekend.

  • Event #66: $1,000 Mini Main Event – July 1-3
  • Event #68: $1 Trillion in Bounties – July 2-7
  • Event #70: $10,000 Main Event – July 3-17
  • Event #85: $1,500 The Closer – July 15 to 18

The remaining four bubble-protected WSOP tournaments above are all covered by ClubGG’s bubble protection. Complete exactly one spot outside of the money, find a PokerNews or a ClubGG representative at the WSOP, give them some details, and if you are a ClubGG Platinum member, you get your first buy-in back as WSOP credit for future events. Players must visit the GGLounge, located between Bally’s and Paris, between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Vegas time to claim their prize.

All you need to do to be covered by the ClubGG WSOP Bubble Protection is be a subscribed member of ClubGG. That’s it! Download the app, create your account and sign up for $49.99 per month Platinum Membership. Make sure you’re all registered before the advertised start time of any of the protected events and you’re good to go.

Vasu Amarapu
ClubGG Poker qualifier Vasu Amarapu turned $50 into $470,000 in last year’s WSOP Main Event.

ClubGG Vasu Amarapu Qualifier in WSOP Main Event: ‘Top $50 I Spent’

ClubGG WSOP Freeroll

It’s not just the bubble protection that ClubGG players are excited about, but also the ClubGG WSOP Freerollwhich is open to ALL ClubGG players who are in Las Vegas at the 2022 WSOP.

Download the ClubGG app, create your free account and find the daily freeroll named “WSOP Live Venue Attendees Event”, which you can find under “Membership Zone – Event”.

The freeroll is an all-in tournament so there is no need to play once you have signed up; you don’t even need to be logged into the ClubGG app! Check the lobby after the tournament is over to see if you finished in the top six positions. If you made it, head to the GGLounge where you get to choose from a drum of reward envelopes. Find out below how the poker player Brandon Flanagan claimed the main prize of week #1.

Be sure to claim your prize no later than 6:00 PM PT on Monday or you forfeit your prize.

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Unlimited attempts to win a seat in the WSOP Main Event

In addition to the WSOP Bubble Protection promotion, ClubGG Platinum members, those who subscribe for $49.99 per month, get unlimited attempts to win their place in live eventsincluding the 2022 WSOP Main Event.

There is a three stage qualifying satellite system for live events. Stage 1 is a Turbo MTT that runs every hour. Stage 2 is a sit & go format where one out of nine players wins their way to stage 3, which is the final stage. Stage 3 has scheduled start times, a slower structure, and seats assigned to major live tournaments around the world!

Learn more about the ClubGG WSOP Main Event satellites here.

Subscribing members have the chance to win over $260,000 in prizes each month. What are you waiting for? Join ClubGG today!