Can poker player Mikki Mase really beat baccarat in the long run?

mikki mase baccarat poker

Mikki Masethat you may have watched Live Hustler Casinoclaims he can beat an unbeatable game – baccarat. He certainly has many skeptics, but he also has some supporting receipts.

The poker player and Instagram sensation spoke with PokerNews during the recent World Series of Poker (WSOP) to discuss a big bluff he pulled off against the Los Angeles high-stakes legend Garrett Adelsteinand to provide insight into how he might have an edge at baccarat.

Turn a skeptic into a believer

Mase, a self-proclaimed ‘degenerate gamer’ from New York, has a plethora of detractors, one of whom was a former popular YouTuber Spencer Corneliawho dug into the hard-to-believe claims in a 17 minute video earlier this year.

Cornelia just wasn’t buying what Mase was selling, so the pro gamer invited the content creator his home where he had receipts to back up his claims. Mase revealed win/loss statements from various casinos that showed gambling winnings throughout the year.

“It’s fascinating man, it’s legit,” Cornelia told Mase.

Cornelia went from a skeptic to a believer, but the second video didn’t seem to do much to change the minds of many viewers based on the YouTube comments section.

How could someone win in the long term at a so-called game of chance? Mase won’t divulge details of his strategy, but he did give PokerNews a brief explanation of how he wins.

“I will say it’s not impossible. I’m not the smartest man alive, but I was able to pick up some key behaviors and characteristics in the cards as well as the marketing and development of games in a casino So if you can do a bit of reverse engineering to figure out how they created their advantage, it’s not impossible to say that you worked that to your advantage,” Mase claims.

Cornelia wasn’t the only YouTube sensation to question the legitimacy of the poker player’s claims. Adam “adam22” Grandmaisonalso passionate about poker, invited Mase on the no rider podcast to share his story. The video has just under a million views and over 4,500 comments, most of which don’t seem to buy her story.

Who is Mikki Mase?

Mikki Mase, as he explained to “adam22”, is a sex addict who spent much of his high school years in prison, but now lives a disciplined lifestyle, which does not include strip clubs. -tease, alcohol or drugs.

He’s a controversial character but a fan favorite when he’s appeared on Hustler Casino Liveand he is very entertaining and quite the storyteller.

“I’ve been a sick degenerate player for over 25 years,” he said PokerNews. “My neighborhood was made up of gangsters and wealthy Jews, so illegal gambling was something that was prevalent throughout my life.”

The longtime player also has a prominent Instagram account (@dirtygothboi) in which he uses to show off his wild lifestyle.

Mase participates in high-stakes private poker games and occasionally appears on Hustler Casino Live. He shot the WSOP Main Event earlier this month but failed to cash out.

Cornelia, after seeing proof of the game’s profits, bet Mase in the $10,000 World Championship event.

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