Bernard Lee Poker Show celebrates its 15th anniversary; Becomes the longest-running podcast in the industry

Bernard Lee

After a decade and a half of in-depth interviews with top poker players, The Bernard Lee Poker Room will celebrate its 15th anniversary doing more of the same: offering interviews with the best and most decorated in the game.

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, The Bernard Lee Poker Show, which recently became the longest-running poker podcast after the end of the Ante Up Poker Castwill feature former Main Event champions Scott Blumstein, Greg Merson and Koray Aldemir as guests. Merson celebrates the tenth anniversary of his 2012 Main Event victory, while Blumstein and Aldemir celebrate their five and one years respectively.

“I am truly honored that my show has aired for 15 consecutive years,” Lee said in a recent press release. “I wanted to thank all of my listeners and die-hard fans for supporting The Bernard Lee Poker Show for so many years. I promise to continue to bring top-notch interviews with poker’s most intriguing and relevant guests. years to come on my podcast, my radio show and my YouTube channel.”

Continue to give to the community

Lee, the host of The Bernard Lee Poker Roomhas a long history of using its poker platform to help give back to the community, including spending more than a decade helping homeless Boston-area families during the holidays.

Last December, PokerNews covered Lee’s Full House charity program, which partnered with Family Aid to bring relief to 38 local families experiencing homelessness during the Christmas season. In other efforts, the Full House Charity Program has provided more than $100,000 in goods and funds to child-focused organizations in New England.

Bernard Lee
Bernard Lee runs the Full House Charity program

“The Full House Charity program has truly become a family tradition for the Lee family, especially my children, who have become an integral part of the process now,” Lee said in December 2019, when he helped three dozen additional families. “This annual event has brought so much joy to our family’s lives, as we love to see the happiness when families, especially children, open their holiday gifts.”

His gift to the poker community, meanwhile, provides hours of in-depth interviews with poker’s biggest stars – Phil Hellmuth, Darren Elias, Linda Johnson, josh arieh and David Petersto name a few.

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Become the oldest podcast in poker

The Bernard Lee Poker Room entering its 15th year makes it the longest running poker podcast, a distinction previously held by the Ante Up Poker Castwhich was hosted by Scott Long and Chris Cosenza and launched its first episode in June 2005. Earlier this year, PokerNews reported that poker’s longest-running podcast ended after 870 episodes.

Bernard Lee
Bernard Lee

Lee paid tribute to his fellow poker podcast veterans, who started the Ante Up Poker Cast amid the “Poker Boom” and since have become recognizable names in the industry.

“All my best to Scott Long and Chris Cosenza from Ante Up – they had a great show”, Lee reacted on social media. “I have enjoyed speaking with them many times. Thank you both for everything you have brought to the poker world!”

Entering its 15th year, The Bernard Lee Poker Show will continue to air Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m. EST on the Money Matters radio network in the Boston area, while the show is also available on Youtube, Apple podcast, CardplayerLifestyle and here on PokerNews.

The 15th anniversary of the Bernard Lee Poker Show will be sponsored by D&B Poker and RunGoodGear and will offer giveaways including D&B Poker books and RunGoodGear apparel.

To qualify for one of the giveaway contests, listeners should follow Lee on Twitter at @BernardLeePoker and retweet or like contest announcements. Fans can also qualify by subscribing to Lee’s YouTube channel or following him on Instagram at @BernardLeePoker.