Arsenii Karmatckii smashes $2,200 in warm-up at Luxon Pay Mediterranean Poker Party ($310,000)

Arsenii Karmatckii

Event 7: $2,000 warm-up from Luxon Pay Mediterranean Poker Party has a champion and his name is Arsenii Karmatckii. The Russian player takes $310,000 for victory in his first-ever Northern Cyprus cash at the Royal Diamond Hotel & Casino.

The tournament was a real success, with 1,046 entries smashing the prize pool of $1,924,640. It took four Day 1 flights to narrow the entries down to 177 participants vying for a place at the Day 2 final table. In the end, the final nine players were largely Russian players or players from Russian-speaking countries.

$2,200 MPP Warmup Final Table Payouts

Square Player Country Price
1 Arsenii Karmatckii Russian Federation $310,000
2 Milos Skrbic Serbia $190,000
3 Alexander Pak Uzbekistan $125,640
4 Arthur Martirosian Russian Federation $85,000
5 Dmitry Yurasov Russian Federation $60,000
6 Dmitry Vitkind Russian Federation $45,000
seven Sergei Baransky Belarus $35,000
9 Alexander Kinjalov Russian Federation $25,000

Final Table Tale

The final table started with Pavel Plesuv executing his pair of sevens into your eventual winner’s ace-jack. Karmatckii nailed a jack on the river to send Plesuv in ninth.

Alexander Kinjalov was next to go. He pocketed tens against the ace-queen of Arthur Martirosian. Martirosian hit an ace on the turn to send his fellow Russian down the rail.

Sergei Baransky came into the picture with the chip lead, however thin. He ended up being quite short-stacked and was forced to run with a weak ace against Martirosian, who once again had ace-queen and held on. The Belarusian with his first known tournament cash, not a bad effort.

Dmitry Vitkind was disappointed to come out in sixth place. He had to settle for $45,000 for his efforts after crossing the king nine as a king-queen in the costume of our eventual finalist, qualifier for the 2019 WSOP Main Event final table. Milos Skrbic.

Dmitry Yurasov eliminated in fifth. He came into the day quite short and did well to move up to fourth. In the end, the cards weren’t really on the Russian pro’s side. He got it by going back to Skrbic and failed to hold, sending him to the rail.

After four busts in quick order, the next one was no slower, with Martirosian and Karmatckii playing the biggest pot of the tournament at this point. After an open from Karmatckii, Martirosian jammed a suited ace-eight into your winner’s suited Big Slick. His day ended in fourth position.

With three players remaining, Alexander Pak was by far the shortest stack. With little room to maneuver, he jammed his button with six-five and Skrbic called with an ace and held on to set up the one-on-one play.

Arsenii Karmatckii Milos Skrbic
Arsenii Karmatckii and Milos Skrbic

In the end, Skrbic moved all in with less than 10 big blinds with a queen-three suited. Karmatckii called with an ace-ten of the same suit and flopped an ace, virtually sealing the tournament’s fate. Skrbic, who has some big wins on his resume as a player, recorded his first win since 2019 with this second place finish. PokerNews caught up with your winner after his victory.

Interview of the winner

When asked how he found the final table, he replied, “Actually, it was a lot of guys I know, the series is very popular among Russian players because of travel, logistical reasons, etc But it was funny how short the final table was,” he continued, “You don’t play a lot of hands after the flop, so it’s just push or fold, run, with few decisions. ‘. It was a final table with a very small stack, but Karmatckii played very aggressively and when he had chips he pushed them to do more, putting pressure on the small stacks (which probably had ICM implications in mind).

”This is my first time here. It’s really good [here], the food, all the dishes. It’s like the Bahamas but in Europe,” Karmatckii said of the venue, his relaxed attitude and the region where the tournament was held.

Karmatckii said he plans to return in November, “It’s very convenient to bring funds here to play,” referring to the Luxon pay event sponsorship, which allows players around the world to easily exchange funds to pay for events, not to mention that events are held in US dollars.

Finally, talking about the pressures of the final table, Karmatckii said PokerNews it wasn’t about the money ”It’s like a sport for me, the money didn’t pressure me.”

What about the cover of Event #7congratulations to your winner, Arsenii Karmatckii.

Stay tuned PokerNews for wide coverage of the main events of the Luxon Pay Mediterranean Poker Party to live from Royal Diamond Hotel & Casino in northern Cyprus as Event #12: $5,000 Main Event departures.

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