888poker reduces buy-ins for two major Sunday tournaments on June 19

888poker Sunday Sale

Two of the biggest Sunday tournaments in 888poker are more accessible than ever on June 19, thanks to the online poker site offering a Sunday sale. The $100,000 Guaranteed Main Event and the $40,000 Sunday High Roller see their buy-ins reduced for one night only. Can you afford to miss it?

The $100,000 Main Event Sunday Sale Usually costs $109 to join, but on June 19, you only need to invest $55 to participate. The discounted tournament shuffles and deals at 7:00 p.m. on June 19, with everyone sitting with 15,000 chips and playing to a 12-minute clock where the blinds start at 30/60/7a.

Up to five entries are allowed during the first 205 minutes, i.e. when late registration ends. Day 1 of this two-day affair ends when the nine-man final table is set. These final nine then return to action at 7:00 p.m. on June 20 to conclude the tournament, doing so under the watchful eyes of the highly entertaining Nick Wealthall and David Tuchman on the 888poker Twitch Channel.

Last week’s edition of this tournament, which cost $109 to enter, drew a crowd of 738 unique players who bought 196 re-entries between them. Each of the nine finalists pocketed no less than $1,480 for their efforts as the tournament ended head-to-head. from Brazil “noWHATfella” finished in second place for $12,401, while Uruguay “Onlyflips” walked away with the championship title and $14,368 in prize money.

$500,000 must be won in the 888poker Royal Quest promotion

Take on the high rollers for $265

The $40,000 High Roller Sunday Sale is the second 888poker tournament receiving the Sunday sale treatment on June 19th. On a normal weekend, it would cost you $525 to participate, but only $265 on June 19, thanks to the Sunday sale promotion.

Entering this tournament, you and other participants sit down with 10,000 chips and play on a 12 minute clock where the blinds start at 30/60/7a. Three comebacks are allowed in the first 180 minutes and the tournament ends in a single day.

germany “kellerassel0” is the defending champion, having outlasted a total of 74 entrants. They took home $12,000 for their efforts, despite having paid $525 for the privilege; you’ll only pay $265 this weekend!

It’s not just the Sunday Sale Main Event and the Sunday Sale High Roller that have had their buy-ins reduced, as it’s a similar story with the satellites powering them. There’s never been a better time to try your luck in 888poker’s biggest Sunday tournaments!

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